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Mainly a Marvel blog
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Love Movies TV and Sci-Fi.
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#Emma Stone  #Q 

  I find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

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We have no quarrel with your people.

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thor week: day 3 - "thor's costumes"

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"How much do I love you?"

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Dance-off, bro. Me and you.

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I'm Andy, 24 years old and I live in Mexico City. This is my marvel blog. I love movies, dogs and Steve Rogers. I watch a LOT of movies, 735 movies seen in 2013.

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Currently Reading & Watching

List of movies I've seen starting from July 2014

Supernatural S8
Finding Carter S1
The Strain S1
Modern Family S3
The O.C. S1

World War Z
Looking for Alaska
Maze Runner